The Little Springtime Book Of Gnomes By Kirsten Sevig Hardcover
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Sale price: 12.99$ with manufacturer: The in Media -> Books "You might know gnomes as the sweet bearded characters of Nordic folklore but you may be surprised to learn that there is a quite different kind of gnome--a saying or proverb such as ""Plant kindness gather love."" This adorable book celebrates every type of gnome and revels in one of Kirsten Sevig's favorite seasons: springtime! Days grow longer birds return animals awaken and tiny buds burst open in the most brilliant shade of green. In these pages you will find gnomes busy with their springtime activities: cleaning gardening climbing trees and picking strawberries--all while showering us with the great wisdom that only gnomes can bestow. Gnomes with green thumbs (""Water the seeds you want to grow."") gnomes finding colorful fungi (""Good things come to those who forage"") and gnomes enjoying the fruits of the season (""The simplest things can be the sweetest.""). You'll also discover some of Sevig's favorite springtime crafts and recipes to try along the way. So don a daisy crown and explore the springtime world of gnomes!"

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